Memories from a workcamp


They are not EVS. But many of them will be some day. In the end, the spirit is the same, but sadly, the time shorter… They are young and they are in holydays. So they don’t have to worry about work or exams. They could be relaxing in some beach or partying somewhere else. Or they could just stay at home doing nothing. But they decide to broaden their horizons and do something meaningful…

They are workcampers. They go to another country and spend two or three weeks there helping in some project. Or they stay at their own. Anyway they spend the time with people from different places, cultures and backgrounds. They share experiences and get to know each other well. They become friends. And they build memories together…

During the summer there are a lot of international workcamps around the world, and of course, Czech Republic is not an exception. If you are an EVS, you will probably find yourself helping in one of them. Children, nature, festivals, minorities… the field can be anything but they all share one aim: intercultural understanding.


These are the memories of the one I had the opportunity to participate in (click the link below). Unlike most workcamps, it was in the city.  In different places of Plzeň. Places which had been abandoned a long time ago and now, thanks to their job, are part of the city life again. A small hill next to the river, a forgotten garden in a nearby neighboorhood, an old brewerie which will be converted into a contemporary cultural centre (one of the main points of Plzeň 2015)… Different places but one goal: transform the city in a more beautiful and accessible place for the citizens and make them aware of all the possibilities they have in their hometown.

Now volunteers are gone. They are again in Serbia, Russia, France, Spain, Turkey, South Korea or other cities in Czech Republic. But they left their mark here in Plzeň forever. These are the photos of those lively and charming days…


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