The last days of summer


I come from a place where there are no seasons –the temperature is always around 22 degrees- so people usually say we live in an eternal spring. Although I wouldn´t change it for anything, it is true that sometimes I miss the change. I miss feeling the first warm days of spring after a long winter; I would just like to appreciate the beauty of each season, the different colors, the smells…

Now it is already autumn in Czech Republic.  But it is so cold that I would think it is winter if the leaves wouldn’t still be falling from the trees. This week, for instance, the temperature has dropped to 0 degrees and although the sun is shining and there are no clouds I have shivered more than once when I didn´t wrap up well.

At least inside my bedroom, after turning the heat on for the first time, I feel really warm. And I can´t help but thinking about the last days of summer. The last days of –for many reasons- one of the best summers of my life.

These last days took place in Lomeček, a place near the border with Bavaria, in the foothills of the Bohemian Forest (1 hour driving south from Plzeň). It is neither a town nor a village; it is just the nature itself. One big, deep and amazingly clear pond, where diving or just getting inside an underwater cabin you can see a wide range of fishes, is the main point of this beautiful location.

Around this pond took place the first edition of Remind Festival. When you arrived there, you can notice that there is something different in comparison with other musical events. It is difficult to explain with words –and more if you are not writing in your mother tongue…- What I want to mean is that, although other festivals take place in the nature, you have always the feeling that you are staying in a “festival”, between the stages, the shops, the camping zone… you are in a new city, a temporary one but one anyways. So you feel that the nature is just a decoration, a picture for the festival photos… but nothing else.

Here was different. Yes, there was one stage and a restaurant and the tents… but the intervention was almost nothing and was done carefully. No publicity, no annoying promoted spaces, no constructions against the landscape… The feeling that you are in the nature never leaves you, that you are in the middle of nowhere, living one of these special moments when you just have to live, and feel, and dream… you don’t have to think about the next day or the next minute, you don’t have to think at all.



And listening to the music –for example the amazing ambient and spiritual music made by the gongs of Bear Love, the didgeridoo of Ondřej Smeykal and the drums of Pavel Plánka on a boat in the middle of the water – surrounded by other people, known or unknown, and looking at all the breathtaking views around you; you realize that this ‘nowhere’’ where are you right now turns out to be something special, something meaningful, a place without a place, a kind of invisible network where people, music, nature and something else are part of the same indissoluble space.

And although the night arrives and you are walking through the light of the candles that illuminate the paths around the pond, the festival has just started. Some bands are playing and you don’t have to worry about anything, it doesn’t mind if four people will have to sleep in a tent for two or if you don’t know how to come back home, you just need to let yourself be carried away by the familiar atmosphere… you just need to feel the music as much as the deejays who are playing late in the night, and the nature, and the thousands of stars above you…

And everything will be fine.


So the next day the sun is shining again. It is really hot and, although I hadn’t planned before –that means I don’t have neither towel nor swim bath- I can’t help but taking a bath in the pond– it doesn’t mind that the water was on the contrary quite cold.

And it is at that precisely moment, swimming in the pond of Lomeček after a long and amazing night full of concerts and not much sleep, when I realize it would be the last day of summer. It could have happened that there was another hot day in the future –then I could see it wasn’t- but the summer, my summer, should finish there that day. Maybe, for the first time of my life I wanted to give a start and a close ending to a ‘season’. A happy ending, as if it was a classical Hollywood movie. So when I come back to my island, where you can’t really differentiate between summer or winter, spring or autumn, I will be able to remember the summer of 2013, a great summer which started already in the end of May –that is another story…- and finished the first weekend of September, in the Remind Festival. In Lomeček, where I want to think there is still music, flirting with the nature, accompanying the dancing of the leaves that must be now falling from the trees…


2 thoughts on “The last days of summer

  1. It really was amazing,wasn’t It? Next Year – same place probably. You have to come! And take The swimmsuite This time😉 C U Then! Mirka

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