My Czech playlist vol.2 Music for life


I have been wondering for a long time how to introduce this post. It has nothing to do with the blog thematic. Or maybe it has. At least a little bit. I want to think that music is an important part of my life (of everybody life). As well as Czech Republic now. So I want to keep recommending some of the bands that have been accompanying me during this amazing year. I admit that last time I found a better excuse to write about it. But I had promised to continue. So here it is. Remind festival, Živá ulice in Plzeň or Video mapping festival in Olomouc are some of the events that gave me the opportunity to see some of these bands. I will probably never see all of them but it doesn’t matter. They will always be there, in my daily life, in the sad moments, in the nostalgic times, when I am angry or happy, when I am especially motivated or just fine… Some bands are more international, others really Czechs in all senses. Anyway, almost none of them are commercial. Open your mind and feel it. Not all the music comes from USA and UK…

If you want to read the first part, click here:

If you want to read about Remind festival, click here:

Please the trees: One of the most famous indie Czech bands. A coming back to the 70s with the influence of the newest indie scene.  Experimental and atmospheric folk.

DVA: “Pop for non-existing radios” or “folklore of non-existing nations”, as they say. This international Czech duo has created its own language for an indescribable music (from tango or cabaret to electronic or traditional instrumentation). In any case, music for open-minded people.

Ohm Square: A little bit of Drum and Bass and Breakbeat is always welcome. Famous since the nineties, their music has appeared in many Czech films. If you are in need of some good vibrations, this is your band. Electronic music for all tastes.

Piano: Mikoláš Růžička is one half of the guitar pop duo Republic of Two but I would like to recommend his new project, Piano. Still pop, but full of energy.  This song writer and singer gives more emphasis to the instruments and express all his most intimate emotions in his new album.

Nierika: A trip-hop project from 2001. Chillout music for relaxing times. Her nice voice will haunt you and her new rock but lounge style will keep you dreaming…

Obří broskev: Classic alternative rock in Czech. Sadly, they are in a “hibernation” period, but you can always wake up with their energetic music style.

Mig 21: Pop rock in a Czech way. Their curious lyrics, the strong personality of the famous singer and actor Jiří Macháček, their strange videos and the stage design create a funny and unique atmosphere. The more you know Czech, the more you can enjoy them.

My dead cat: Post-hardcore band with some 90s American punk influence. Their quick strong songs do not leave you indifferent. There is no moment for rest in their shows.

Kvetoslav Dolejší: Incredible musician full of creativity. His wild and original music, called mess rock by himself, is always unpredictable.  If you want to explore the limits of rock, just listen to one of his songs…

Bear Love (UK), Ondřej Smeykal and Pavel Plánka: Touring together through all Czech Republic, their minimal atmospheric music will transport you to a spiritual world.  Gongs, didgeridoo and drums… always in contact with the nature, always in contact with life…

Lealoo: Post rock, trip-hop, electronica… Dreamy atmospheres with a hypnotic voice to make you quiver…

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