On the road

During 2013 I have done many things, I have visited many places, I have met many people, I have lived many experiences… I have learnt a lot.

I learnt in the office, I learnt in the events, I learnt in the trainings, I learnt in the trips, I learnt looking, I learnt listening, I learnt talking, I learnt doing, I learnt walking, I learnt touching, smelling, feeling, living…

During 2013 I lived in Pilsen, Czech Republic. But also in Prague, in Olomouc, in Brno, in Mikulov, in Valeč, in Hradec Králové, in Karlovy Vary, in Lomeček, in Český Krumlov, in Kutná Hora, in the Moravian Karst… Also in the trains, in the buses, in the trams… In that village I don´t remember the name and in that train station where I had to change the train…

And I crossed the borders. And I was in Poland, in Ukraine, in Slovakia, in Hungary, in Croatia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Serbia, in Germany…

During 2013 I made a lot of friends. Friends from Czech Republic and from Spain, of course. But also from France, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Poland, from Russia, from England, from Ireland, from Germany, from Lithuania, from Armenia…

And in some ways I changed and somehow I am still the same. And I fulfilled many plans and others are still there, waiting for another year or for joining to the list of things that will never be realized. And for sure I made a lot of mistakes and I had always the feeling that I could have done more…

But everything I did, everything I lived, made me feel more alive than ever. Because during 2013 I felt I was always on the road. Like Jack Kerouac.

“…Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”

And I loved it.

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